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Ametek Land Infrared offers a full selection of infrared temperature monitoring products including spot thermometers, thermal imagers, and process thermal imagers (know as linescanners). These products are offered as portable or as installed infrared temperature measurement tools, and include accessories for mounting and air purging and water cooling, dependent upon the application. The Ametek Land website address is

We are now offering the vIRalert 2: Human Body Temperature Measurement System! This in demand system from AMETEK Land provides the ability to screen people for fever, a key tool in reducing the risk of disease spread. It is perfect for medical and dental facilities, factories, office buildings and schools. Are you interested in starting to screen personnel at point of entry? See the brochure below. Contact us for more information on accurate and reliable skin temperature measurement with the AMETEK Land vIRalert 2 system.

Control House is the exclusive sales representative for this product line in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. Listed below are a selection of technical data files that may help you with preliminary information about these products. We invite you to contact us for more information and for obtaining a quotation for your application.

Doug Andersen 952-746-3484

Pat McClernon 952-746-3485


vIRalert 2 Brochure933.34 KB
CDA Thermometer421.83 KB
General IR Brochure693.47 KB
Cyclops 055B Meltmaster, 1000 to 2000 deg C794.38 KB
Cyclops 100B, 550 to 3000 deg C1.05 MB
Cyclops100B+160B+ 454.17 KB
Cyclops 160B, 200 to 1400 deg C 907.26 KB
Cyclops 390B, 400 to 1400 deg C, Furnace Pro846.59 KB
DL-1000 USA Cyclops Data Logger433.96 KB
Arc Thermal Imaging Camera 1020.4 KB
Fixed Thermal Imaging Training6.44 MB
FTI Aluminum Wedge Brochure1.61 MB
FTI Overview 0808.pdf1.29 MB
FTI-E 391 Datasheet280.33 KB
FTI-E 490 Datasheet279.79 KB
FTI-E 800 Datasheet279.64 KB
FTI-E 801 Datasheet281.02 KB
FTI E 1000 USA1.3 MB
HotSpotIR Conveyors1.01 MB
HotSpotIR Supercalender1.13 MB
Hydrocarbon Processing reprint1.44 MB
LandCal575.22 KB
LSP-HD Brochure775.81 KB
LSP-HD Scanner775.94 KB
LSP-HD IO Processor351.37 KB
LSP_HD Mountings and Accessories1 MB
LSP-HD 5FL 50 & 52448.15 KB
LSP-HD Software-WCA-manual V5 User Guide7.54 MB
LSP-HD 10 & 11450.7 KB
LSP-HD 20 & 21402.2 KB
LSP-HD 60 61 & 62391.96 KB
LSP-HD 71417.47 KB
IQ Series Datasheet including water cooling and air purge1.16 MB
IQ Series User Guide - xxxxxx - Draft 02 - Oct 2010.pdf5.8 MB
IQ Series Overview-DM.pdf2.56 MB
Series 4 Close Up Lens305.18 KB
Series 4 Mountings & Accessories1.59 MB
Series 4 Processors1.7 MB
Series 4 Thermometers1014.29 KB
Solonet831.07 KB
Sprint 8 Spot Thermometer Brochure1.01 MB
UNO Thermometers942.76 KB
Transmission Ranges of Optical Materials41.37 KB
Application - Aluminum Extrusion USA1.79 MB
Application - Aluminum Strip USA1.39 MB
Application - CDA USA524.87 KB
Application - Coal Pile Monitoring1.5 MB
Application - Container Glass USA1.72 MB
Application - Conveyors USA1.11 MB
Application - Critical Vessel Monitoring USA1.04 MB
Application - Flat Glass USA2.2 MB
Application - Furnace Monitoring USA1 MB
Application - Model FG USA452.58 KB
Application - Nonwovens USA1.14 MB
Application - Supercalender USA2.14 MB
Application - Tempered Glass USA1.72 MB
Application - Thermoforming USA969.78 KB
Application - Tube Furnace USA592.03 KB
Manual - LMG & LMC IG_S4198003 issue B343.43 KB
Manual - LMG User Guide Issue C 08021.32 MB
Manual - Series 4 Fiber Optic _198002 Issue D 12 02127.18 KB
Manual - Series 4 Fiber Optic_UG S4198007 Issue D285.84 KB
Manual - System 4 Landmark Technic Processor User Guide - Issue C .pdf1.93 MB