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Sealed feedthroughs have applications in a wide variety of industries.  They inhibit leakage of gases and other media and restrain elements from moving in the assembly because of differential pressure.  In some assemblies, the elements are electrically isolated.  Feedthrough bodies, followers and caps are made from stainless steel and are designed for mounting to a process vessel or an enclosure.  The feedthroughs can be selected to seal on either single or multiple elements.

The feedthrough is comprised of a body with threads to mount to a process vessel, a sealant and a follower/cap.  The cap nut is tightened to compress the sealant to meet the process conditions.  It provides an efficient pressure seal without damaging the element(s).  It also restrains movement, without epoxy sealing.

Applications are found in Process Plants, Power Generation, Vacuum Equipment, Petrochemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Semiconductor Fabrication and Numerous other places.

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