Control House, Inc. Manufacturer Representatives for Instrumentation and Control

Ashcroft is the manufacturer of Heise® precision pressure measurement and calibration instruments. The Heise name is synonymous with high accuracy, quality and reliability.
The Heise® reputation began with the renowned precision dial pressure gauge, and the line has grown to include high accuracy pressure transducers, digital pressure indicators and hand held pressure/temperature calibrators.

Control House is the exclusive sales representative for the Heise® products for Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. Listed below is a selection of technical data files that may help you with preliminary information about these products. We invite you to contact us for more information and for obtaining a quotation for your application.

Doug Andersen 952-746-3484

Pat McClernon 952-746-3485

If you wish to obtain product manuals via the internet, please visit and select the Technical Info tab.

Quick Guide to Heise Pressure Instruments1.33 MB
Digital Test Gauge 153.79 KB
DXD Digital Transducer139.21 KB
High Line Differential Pressure Measurement2.3 MB
HPO Analog Pressure Transducer38.97 KB
HVC Volume Controller31.93 KB
PM Pressure Master56.87 KB
Series 920.9 KB
ST 2H457.49 KB
Hand Pumps1.32 MB
HPK Pressure Transducer356.59 KB
Precision Dial Gauge Model CC567.71 KB
Precision Dial Gauge Model CM436.36 KB
Precision Dial Gauge Model CMM592.92 KB
PTE-1 Hand Held Calibrator248.9 KB