Kaymont Consolidated Industries

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Kaymont manufactures portable table top mounted humidity and temperature generators for calibrating humidity sensors in transmitters and chart recorders. The Kaymont system measures humidity and temperature using sensors calibrated to NIST traceable standards. The generator has setpoint controllers and is capable of changing humidity (10-92%RH) and temperature (10-50°C) in its chamber to achieve a stable condition with very good uniformity.

Control House is their exclusive sales representative for Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We invite you to contact us for more information and for obtaining a quotation for your application.

Pat McClernon  pmcclernon@controlhouse.com  952-746-3485

For technical information on the Kaymont humidity calibration chambers, there is a pdf file that describes its operation:

Kaymont Manual.pdf257.66 KB
M2000SPA Certificate of Calibration688.26 KB
M2000 SPA Specifications22.8 KB
M2000SPA System Description68.65 KB
Model KPPRHT-A-1 Reference Hygrometer12.86 KB
Model KPPRHT-A-2 REference Hygrometer13.34 KB