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Sensor Electronics Corporation designs and manufactures gas detectors and systems for a wide variety of applications to monitor toxic and explosive gases. The product line includes innovative designs employing infrared gas detection, electrochemical sensing and many other technologies to most effectively address specific needs. These detectors have been applied in sterilization chambers, semiconductor facilities, parking garages and tunnels, supermarkets, sewage treatment plants, bottling works, pipelines, steel mills and other locations. They work for years and help safeguard your company and your customers from the dangers of toxic and explosive gases.

Control House is your sales representative for Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and western Wisconsin. We have listed some pdf files that describe products available for your applications. Please contact us to discuss your gas analyzer needs.

Pat McClernon 952-746-3485

Doug Andersen 952-746-3484

Products Overview

SEC 1500 Gas Detector 191.7 KB
SEC 2000 DIN Digital Gas Controller33.24 KB
SEC 2000 Gas Detector 15.56 KB
SEC 2500 Hand Held Programmer181.05 KB
SEC3000 Gas Detector22.67 KB
SEC 3000 Gas Detector Instruction Manual531.58 KB
SEC 3100 Gas Detector.pdf27.33 KB
SEC 3100 LIM Logic Input Module135.05 KB
SEC 3100 DIN Digital Gas Transmitter25.47 KB
SEC 3500 HMI Operator Interface 23.26 KB
SEC 4100 System Monitor327.02 KB
SEC 4853 DAIM Digital Analog Interface Module 1.89 MB
SEC 4854 Net Link II196.68 KB
Visalert Strobe Light446.71 KB
SEC Millenium Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector 51.54 KB
SEC Millenium Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector.pdf15.4 KB
Product Overview Brochure.pdf1.05 MB
SEC Signature DIR Dual Infrared Process Gas Analyzer 17.2 KB
SEC Signature Process Gas Analyze25.69 KB
Supervision Plus Software Package474.06 KB