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Ametek Mocon - Baseline and Control House have mutually been working with our customers in the area of worker safety and health environments, and identifying process industrial gases. Baseline's gas chromatographs, PID sensors, and total hydrocarbon/VOC analyzers are well suited for the monitoring of toxic gas in the workplace, and the detection of trace impurities in specialty and industrial gases. Ametek Mocon - Baseline products are in use worldwide and Control House being a local company can visit your facility to discuss your unique application requirements.

Ametek Mocon - Baseline offers a full line of detection gas detection products including the piD-TECH® plug-in photoionization sensor, the models 9000 and 8800 total hydrocarbon and VOC analyzers, and the model 8900 process gas chromatograph. The 9000 Heated THA can be used for CEMS/stack testing. The custom 9100 GC can be used for ambient or process monitoring. Both the 9100 GC and the 9000 THA can be integrated into systems for your customers. Control House is their exclusive sales representative for Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Listed below are the latest brochures. If you would like more information, please contact us or visit the Ametek Mocon - Baseline site here.

Doug Andersen 952-746-3484

Pat McClernon 952-746-3485

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