Control House, Inc. Manufacturer Representatives for Instrumentation and Control
Vaisala develops, manufactures instruments for measuring relative humidity, dewpoint, carbon dioxide, oxygen, barometric pressure, and weather conditions. These instruments are used in applications and industries such as building automation, pharmaceutical, food, power, biotechnology and scientific research.

Vaisala instruments are made in Finland, and are renowned the world over for their precision, quality, and reliability. With a product this good, and the hands on experience of Control House, please call us to work with you on your application needs. Control House has offered these products since 1991. Your contacts at Control House are:
Pat McClernon 952-746-3485

Doug Andersen 952-746-3484
DM70 Hand Held Dewpoint931.06 KB
DMT152 Low Dewpoint for OEM.222.32 KB
DMT152 TechData OrderGuide723.39 KB
DMT242 Dewpoint for OEM575.21 KB
DMT340 Low Dewpoint Transmitter358.29 KB
DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitter for Refrigerant Dryers625.44 KB
DMT142 Miniature Dewpoint Transmitter549.12 KB
DMT143 Miniature Dewpoint Transmitter404.77 KB
DMT342213.69 KB
DMT345 DMT346 High Temperature Dewpoint290.42 KB
DPT145 Multiparameter Transmitter for SF6 Gas462.88 KB
DPT146 Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter for Compressed Air662.64 KB
GM70 Hand Held CO2833 KB
GMDW20 CO2 Ventilation Transmitters584.21 KB
GMK220 CO2 Calibrator192.94 KB
GMM20W CO2 OEM Module789.85 KB
GMM111 CO2 Module609.57 KB
GMM112 HVAC CO2 Module690.23 KB
GMP343 Carbon Dioxide Probe180.06 KB
GMT220 Industrial CO2 Transmitters601.25 KB
GMW115 Wall Mounted CO2 Transmitters490.74 KB
HM34 Pocket Size RH&T195.47 KB
HM40 Hand-Held Humidity & Temperature Meter530.8 KB
HM70 Hand Held RH&T566.22 KB
HMD42 & HMD53 Duct Mount Humidity and Temperature Transmitters328.3 KB
HMI41-HMP46 Hand Held Meter116.97 KB
HMK15 Salts Calibrator460.61 KB
HMM210 Series Humidity Modules for Environmental Chambers470.73 KB
HMP60 INTERCAP Humidity and Temperature Probe286.77 KB
HMP110 Humidity and Temperature Probe296.8 KB
HMP155 Humidity and Temperature Probe for Meteorology437.28 KB
HMT120 & HMT130 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters438.99 KB
HMT300TMK Turbine Mounting Kit181.68 KB
HMT330 Series RH & T Transmitters1.83 MB
HMT330MIK meteorological installation kit565.12 KB
HMT360 Intrinsically Safe Humidity1008.61 KB
HMT360 User Guide3.14 MB
HMT360 Wiring30.74 KB
HMT360N Dewpoint in Natural Gas1.02 MB
HMW60-70 RH&T Transmitter252.17 KB
HMW80 INTERCAP Humidity and Temperature Transmitter265.14 KB
HMW90-RH&T Transmitter.pdf842.65 KB
MM70 Moisture in Oil Hand Held702.68 KB
MMT310 Moisture in Oil299.57 KB
MMT330 Moisture in Oil382.42 KB
PTB110 Industrial Barometer518.02 KB
PTB210 Digital Barometer648.97 KB
PTB330 Digital Barometer1.99 MB
PTU300 Pressure, Temperature, Humidity Transmitter1.28 MB
SPH10 10 Static Pressure Head490.18 KB
WXT520 Weather Transmitter430.44 KB