Power Monitors, Inc.

Control House, Inc. Manufacturer Representatives for Instrumentation and Control
Power Monitors, Inc. specializes in power quality recording solutions for use in residential, commercial, retail, institutional, industrial and substation applications. These recorders help electric utilities and their customers identify and address a wide array of power quality concerns. Superior technology employed provides:

More Connectivity Options:

  • Wireless (WiFi)
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Cellular
  • Ethernet

Safe, Small, Secure, Survivable:

  • Minimize Arc Flash Danger
  • NEMA -4x Certified All Weather
  • Fits Inside Most Service Panels
  • View Real-time Data Remotely

Industry Leading Power Quality Analysis Software:

  • Custom Graphs and Reports
  • Real-time Data Capture and Rendering
  • Windows-based and Web-based Versions
  • Advanced Data Organization and Communication

Listed below is the support offered for these products:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Responsive turn-around times
  • Air shipment back to customer
  • Product demonstration units available for hands-on testing
  • Customer service representatives who get to know you and your company requirements
Control House is your authorized sales representative for these products in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin. Please contact us for more information, for a demo, a quotation, or to discuss your needs.

Doug Andersen dandersen@controlhouse.com 952-746-3484
Pat McClernon pmcclernon@controlhouse.com 952-746-3485
Here is a link to the Power Monitors website, where there is additional information as well as the capability to download updates www.powermonitors.com

For your review, we have included the following pdf files:
Eagle Series PQ Recorders1.43 MB
Eagle 200 Power Quality Kit (400A meter base applications) 241.53 KB
Eagle 120 730.91 KB
Revolution1.33 MB
Vision687.34 KB
Eagle Revolution Hookup Diagram51.04 KB
Flex CT's262.19 KB
Tlar CT's726.91 KB
IVS-3 Rev. 2 142.61 KB
IVS-3-600P Power Quality Recorder145.55 KB
Vip+ Power Quality Recorder146.13 KB
metersockets.pdf723.67 KB
iVS-2SX+ Socket Scanner 168.88 KB
Guardian Wireless Socket Scanner181.17 KB
iVS-3S: 3 Phase Socket Scanner167.04 KB
SVM-10 Stray Voltage Monitor176.88 KB
Boomerang End of Line Monitor with DNP31.5 MB
Boomerang1.85 MB
Field PC Photo893.72 KB