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Global Energy Innovations has developed technology to measure not only the electrical properties of battery voltage and impedance, but also the chemical properties of sulfation and dryout. These chemical properties are precise, leading indicators of battery health. They provide essential information about when a battery will fail, but more importantly, they show when and how to apply corrective action when caring for batteries and extending battery service life.

This technology has been developed in the form of portable testers, the EC1000 and EC2000 handheld testers and in continous monitoring systems, the CM1000 and CM2000 for permanent installation. There is also a Dynapulse system for restoring and conditioning batteries and a software package for storing the data collected and presenting it in a manner that helps in the management of battery back up systems.

Control House is your authorized sales representative for these products in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Please contact us for more information, for a demo, a quotation or to discuss your needs.

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EC1000 & EC2000 ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer795.13 KB
IBMS Intelligent Battery Management System1.29 MB
CM-Series Continuous Monitoring Systems338.4 KB
Dynapulse Battery Restoration, Conditioner, Charger231.07 KB