Mesa Laboratories

Control House, Inc. Manufacturer Representatives for Instrumentation and Control
Humidity for ETO SterilizersDATATRACE Temperature Measurement/Recording for validation

Mesa Labs manufactures the DataTrace® System, a high quality, wireless data logger for monitoring critical temperature, humidity and pressure points.  The system includes a set of DataTrace® recorders, software for a personal computer, and an interface that allows the DataTrace® recorders to communicate with the computer.  These small self contained DataTrace recorders can be placed in autoclaves, cans, sterilization equipment etc. for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and medical industries as well as any industry that needs process and equipment validation.

Ametek Land IR

Control House, Inc. Manufacturer Representatives for Instrumentation and Control

Demo Equipment for Sale

Land Solonet SN21Y 250-1300 deg C with laser sighting
Webserver/Ethernet Interface Unit SN-W/E for Solonet

Infrared Thermometers, Process Imaging Linescanners, Thermal Imagers and Calibration Blackbody Furnaces

Ametek Land Infrared offers a full selection of infrared temperature monitoring products including spot thermometers, thermal imagers, and process thermal imagers (know as linescanners). These products are offered as portable or as installed infrared temperature measurement tools, and include accessories for mounting and air purging and water cooling, dependent upon the application. The Ametek Land website address is www.ametek-land.com

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